8 Tips To Win Dragon Tiger In Online Casinos I By Gogbet Singapore

Dragon Tiger is considered a combination game from Baccarat and Casino War. Each square Dragon Tiger will be divided into 2 cards so the game becomes extremely simple for most people. The game was developed in Cambodia and is now famous in the Asia, especially the online casino market. 

The game is easy to win but if you get the following 8 tips, the win rate is definitely high. Let’s follow it! #1. Bet Only On Dragon Tiger

Only bet on the Dragon and Tiger places, these dua places have an equal win rate of 50 – 50, and these dua places will bring you bonuses. You will face a lot of risk if you insist on placing a bet on the Tie to look for luck to get big bonuses.#dua. Don’t Place A Bet On The Tie

The Tie will usually have a very high payout odds: 1 win 8. However, it also comes with many risks, the house edge has the advantage of up to 32.77%. That’s why few players win when placing a bet on the Tie. There are a total of 86,320 different card combinations and of which only 6488 have the ability to draw. So, with the remaining 79,872 times you will lose. Based on statistics, only 1456 draws have ever been won.#tiga. Counting Cards That Match The Dragon Tiger

There are not many cards in this game, so the player can count the cards dealt, especially a pair of 7 because if there are cards 7, then you will lose.#4. See The Picture And Guess The Result

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If you are an observant, agile and capable of observing, you will certainly easily see the rules of the dealer to get the victory. Therefore, when playing, you should look at the dealer’s dealing method to predict the outcome of consecutive games. Then, based on that result to decide which side to bet.#5. Limit The Combination Of Betting Strategies To One Another

Many players believe that the combination of different betting methods in the game Dragon Tiger is a good strategy to win easier. However, this method has never been tested by any player, so it is best not to think too much and intend to apply this betting strategy.#6. Observe The Dealer Dealing Cards

When you are just starting to play a Dragon Tiger game, don’t rush into betting when you have not analyzed and devised a specific strategy at all. What the player needs to do is take the time to observe the dealer dealing the cards, finding the rules.

Remember to record the results of each game so that you can make an accurate betting decision in the next game. Once you’ve figured out the rules of the game and your own way of playing, make a bet. One thing for sure is that your win rate will be higher than when you have no information at Situs Slot Online Terpercaya all.#7. Learn To Observe And Guess Results

Usually, the Dragon Tiger result will return in a series. That means it is sometimes a consecutive Dragon, sometimes a consecutive Tiger result. The player needs to observe, in order to capture the sequence of results, find out the rules and timing of the consecutive to make a reasonable bet. Once the player has found the beginning of the sequence, you will win the prize in many consecutive games not small! #8. Select A Reputable Dealer To Play

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Most Dragon Tiger players are for entertainment purposes in their free time. So choose for yourself the most prestigious house edge to put your trust in, your leisure time also becomes the most complete.

Often the reputable house edges will have enough information for players Slot Online Terpercaya about the rules or how to pay, how to deposit. All information is transparent and clear. Remember that these things to choose for yourself are a prestigious house edge to participate in the Dragon Tiger game.Conclusion

Above are top 8 tips to win a Dragon Tiger game that are checked by experienced experts to bring the best results. If you are a beginner, you need to know about the rules, tips and strategies clearly. Good luck and be the best player ever!