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Welcome to our newly expanded Dragon & Tiger online home study acara.

Since we first launched this acara over 1,200 people have taken the course, and their reviews back consistently have been highly positive. This qigong course features Energy Arts Senior Instructor Bill Ryan who has been teaching for over 20 years and recently has specialized in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong. He has been a long-time student and is a gifted teacher who has taught over a thousand students this qigong set.

If you are a member of our community it is likely you know about Dragon and Tiger Qigong and if not you can read more about it below. In the next ten years I believe Dragon and Tiger Qigong has the possibility to make radical positive change in the West. It is simple, effective and fun to learn. My aim is to train many more people who want to become instructors and many more who can use it as a daily energetic exercise for health and vitality.

This online course is a unique 10-week program with over 50 different step-by-step videos to guide you to learn and improve your Dragon and Tiger Qigong form. Each week you will be given two practice sessions so that at the end you will have 20 different practice sessions you can work with. Bill guides you through each lesson and breaks down each movement in detail. It is like having a teacher right in your living room.

In addition, we’ve now expanded and improved the acara by Slot Online Terpercaya including insentif videos of me teaching more advanced aspects of Dragon & Tiger. So now you can not only learn the foundations from Bill, but also gain from me insight into the more advanced potential of Dragon & Tiger.

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Whether you want to recharge your current practice or learn it for the first time this online course is a great way to create a daily practice ritual to keep your body energetically fit and healthy.

Bruce FrantzisMessage from Bill Ryan

     For over 30 years I’ve intensively studied energy arts, including tai chi, bagua, hsing-I, Taoist meditation and many forms of qigong/neigong. I founded and directed one of the largest tai chi and qigong schools in the country. I’m also a practitioner of qigong tui na bodywork, a form of Chinese medicine.

After working with thousands of students and clients, I came to the conclusion that of all the arts I know, Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong has the most potential to help the most people build, maintain, and/or regain their health and vitality.

I’ve seen people use Dragon and Tiger for purposes ranging from stress release to relief from cancer treatments, from learning how to relax to relief from repetitive tertekan injuries, from regaining flexibility to reducing chronic joint pain, from improving balance to releasing negative emotions, and from developing effortless power for athletics and martial arts to realizing quieter and deeper meditation.

It helps people in so many ways because it’s fairly easy to learn, quickly boosts and balances your chi – which in turn guides and benefits every other system of your body – and provides benefits even if you do it poorly. What a great combination!

Plus it’s such a canggih art that you can study it for years and keep learning. I have students who have been with me for over fifteen years who continue to explore the art with me, Plus I’m always learning more about it from Bruce and my own practice. The more you put into the system, the more you transform your own.

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I hope you will join me to learn this jewel of ancient Chinese wisdom. Please tell your Situs Slot Online Terpercaya friends and family about it, so we can help the most people possible.